Ian Brennan, Laya Healthcare and Lorcan Cunningham, Savenet SolutionsIan Brennan, Laya Healthcare and Lorcan Cunningham, Savenet Solutions

Laya Healthcare implements Savenet disaster recovery solution

Ian Brennan, Laya Healthcare and Lorcan Cunningham, Savenet Solutions

31 August 2018

Savenet Solutions has completed a cloud-based disaster recovery solution for Laya Healthcare.

Technically, the solution was built around Zerto replication technology, which is the leading product of its kind in the world. Savenet is a long-term partner of Zerto in Ireland. Sixty mission-critical VMs are now continuously replicated to the Savenet cloud using Zerto.

This system is achieving a phenomenal recovery point objective of 15 seconds – which means the DR system is only 15 seconds behind the production servers. The time is takes to recover the whole system – recovery time objective is an equally impressive time of just under three hours.

The solution also provides virtual desktops for 150 users to be deployed via secure gateway to the Internet.

Lorcan Cunningham, CTO, Savenet, said: “We chose Zerto to be the central component of the solution because it’s the best technology in the market for virtual machine replication. We had already implemented Zerto for several customers prior to Laya Healthcare – and it has proven itself to be extremely reliable – and truly an enterprise-class product.

“Another reason we chose Zerto is because it can scale to any level and provides other benefits too – for example, it provides great protection from ransomware attacks, due to its ability to roll back a server to a point in time – milliseconds before the ransomware took hold.”

Ian Brennan, director of IT, Laya Healthcare, said: “Protecting our members personal data is of critical importance to our business, so we need a robust and disaster-proof DR solution in place to safeguard our information and ensure our business operations run smoothly in the event of an incident.

“The disaster recovery solution we have in place now with Savenet is hugely important to us. It reduces our business risk and really demonstrates our commitment to ensuring we are always available to look after the needs of our more than 580,000 members.

“A real efficiency with the solution is that there is no longer a reliance on our wider Laya Healthcare IT team to perform a DR failover as Savenet manage everything and monitor the system continually.”

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