Kianda releases health and safety software for contrusction industry

New EHSQ software will enhance the future of on-site safety
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9 January 2023

Dublin-based Kianda has launched Kianda EHSwise a user-friendly, mobile, and offline-capable software that allows teams to manage health and safety processes such as incident reporting, audit planning, observations, energy reporting and more, to provide real-time information to field and office workers.

The company said the new software’s all-in-one process automation and management software will bring significant improvements in Environmental, Health and Safety and Quality (EHSQ) management, helping companies to protect workers’ lives, increase project profitability while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and gaining competitive advantages.

“The construction industry is like any other industry,” said Kianda CEO, Derya Sousa. “They need to deliver software solutions easily and quickly to maintain their competitive advantage and connect people to the processes. If they fail to embrace digital transformation and continue using outdated systems, prone to error, manual processes, they face the risk of being left behind. Kianda’s intuitive no-code technology provides a fast and easy way of delivering industry specific software.




“Working with leading construction companies, Kianda has built up experience and industry insights that we would like to share with a larger audience. We are excited to help more companies in the industry by providing them with a modern EHSQ software built for the future to help them move beyond manual processes and ensure compliance and profitability.”

Kianda EHSwise is targeting construction companies with a size between 200-500 workers and limited IT teams. Market research shows that companies of this size with 20-30 sites are spending at least half a day per week to input and report ESHQ related information manually.

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