Khosrowshahi to take over Uber top job

Dara Khosrowashi
Dara Khosrowashi (Image: YouTube)



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28 August 2017 | 0

Ride sharing platform developer Uber has selected Expedia’s Dara Khosrowashi to serve as CEO. The former Expedia head takes over from founder Travis Kalanik, who was fired in June following a string of revelations about the firm’s corporate culture and an embarrassing dashcam tape showing him verbally abusing a driver.

Regarded as a mainstay of the gig economy along with Airbnb, Uber has struggled with transportation regulators and drivers seeking clarity over the company’s status as an employer or a third party software company.

A panel of executives was considered for the role, including HP’s Meg Whitman and General Electric’s Jeff Immeult, who ruled himself out last weekend via Twitter.

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