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Job candidates want to know if AI have been used to assess job applications – report

Hays Ireland survey finds applicants using AI to tailor CVs to specific positions
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26 June 2024

Research from by recruitment firm Hays Ireland has found that 80% of candidates want to be informed when employers are using AI to assess job applications.

More than half (54%) of organisations currently inform potential candidates about their use of AI in the recruitment processes. In turn, professionals are using AI tools to ensure their CVs are tailored to specific job ads. Almost three-quarters (70%) of employers believe CV reviews remain the most effective assessment formats when screening applications.

A third of organisations are currently using AI within the workplace with 14% of these using the technology to evaluate job applications. This includes scanning CVs or scoring job candidates to help filter and identify the most suitable candidates based on the job description.

The research shows that 32% of 18-24 year-olds have used AI to complete a job application compared to only 18% of those aged over 50. Public sector organisations are more likely to use AI to evaluate applications than those in the private sector, at 25% and 12% respectively.

Managing director of Hays Ireland Maureen Lynch said: “AI tools continue to be a leading innovation in the workplace, impacting both employees and employers. Even though human perspective and discussion are invaluable, AI tools can enhance and improve our work.

“Some professionals may hesitate to use AI tools without explicit approval from their current or future employers. These hesitations often come from concerns about potential misunderstandings of AI usage in the workplace or fear of being perceived as overly reliant on technology.

“As organisations become more comfortable with AI tools and implement clear policies that facilitate the integration of AI in the workplace, usage of AI tools in the workplace is likely to increase.”

Lynch added: “Clear communication on how AI tools are used is essential for both employees and employers to find a balance between leveraging AI and maintaining high-quality work.

“We expect organisations to increase AI tools usage, bringing more efficiency and innovation into the recruitment process while continue to offer in-person interviews.”

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