IT Force wins Sigmar Recruitment contract


20 February 2006

Irish recruitment company Sigmar Recruitment has selected technical services and consulting company IT Force to provide a managed IT service for its offices in Ireland and abroad.

The contract covers Sigmar’s offices in Dublin, Cork and Galway, as well as its overseas offices in Prague, Warsaw and Bratislava. The contract was awarded following a competitive bid.

Adrian McGennis, director of Sigmar Recruitment, said the fast growth of Sigmar since its formation in 2003 had let it to outgrow its original IT supplier.

Sigmar had looked at the option of hiring a full time IT manager in-house but rejected this for a number of reasons, he said.




“Managing a multiple-office, fast-growth professional services business needs a dramatic range of capabilities that are not necessarily to be found within a single person,” McGennis said.

He added that anyone who can manage everything from help desk queries to strategic IT planning will not stay for long in an environment that requires them to spend “80% of the time resetting passwords other low skill level tasks.”

As part of the rollout of the managed service, IT Force insisted on carrying out a Base Line Process (BLP) audit of Sigmar’s IT requirements.

Joe O’Reilly, commercial director with IT Force said that before the company engages with a client, it focuses on both the client’s business and IT requirements.

“We don’t just audit the business from a technical perspective, we relate it back to their business requirements,” O’Reilly said.

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