IT engineers anticipating career mobility

Survey finds a majority expect to move this year
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5 July 2019

Professional mobility is on the rise again, with a strong majority of IT engineers in Ireland expressing an intention to move jobs this year.

According to a survey among 400 Irish-based IT engineers carried out by, 71% say they intend to move jobs in 2019, with 80% saying they would be willing to do so for a 15% pay increase.

These results are tempered somewhat by more than half (52%) who said they would accept a drop in salary if they could work from home occasionally. Furthermore, 40% said they would move jobs if their new employer helped with childcare fees.




The national issue of accommodation also featured in results, as 38% of respondents said that cost of rent was becoming an issue for them. This is quite significant, as the nationwide survey of IT engineers means that respondents are likely to be significantly above the average industrial wage. For such a large section of well-paid workers to express such a difficulty is a measure of the extent of the accommodation crisis.

Carried out at the end of May, the survey is also a barometer of the changing mix of the Irish workforce. While all respondents were based in Ireland, 43% were born outside the country.

A note of concern from the survey was that 58% said they do not get receive enough training in their roles.

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