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IT departments have an essential role in motivating staff, promoting wellbeing

TechFire webinar to explore role of technology in employee resilience
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28 June 2022

The role of IT departments in building employee resilience in the new world of work will be explored at the latest TechFire webinar in association with Aon on 29 June 2022 at 2pm.

By creating a workplace environment that provides security, motivation, and belonging, employees are more able to weather the fiercest of storms.

According to a survey from Aon the benefits for employers of a resilient workforce are clear. Some 93% of resilient employees say they would want to stay with their employer, and 86% of resilient employees feel fully motivated at work.




However, the same survey found that only 30% of staff consider themselves ‘resilient’, 42% do not feel secure at work, and 55% do not feel able to reach their potential.

Part of creating an atmosphere where employees feel supported and able to perform at their best is having the right tools to enable them to serve their customers. This is where IT departments can excel, by giving confidence through expertise and availability at times of uncertainty. editor Niall Kitson will be joined by Aon CIO Rajeev Khanna and Accenture global benefits associate director Traci Peterson to discuss the IT as an enabler in the new world of work.

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