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Two Irish women in European top 50 list for cyber security

Recognition for overall contribution to the infosec industry in Ireland
Jacky Fox, Accenture Security (Image: Accenture)

7 January 2020

Two Irish women have been named in the latest SC Magazine Top 50 Women in Security in Europe list.

According to the magazine, in compiling the list, the authors “evaluated each individual across a variety of vectors, such as conferences spoken at, articles and books published, evidence of demonstrated cyber-security expertise, current and previous positions, prominence within open sources and social media activity, such as LinkedIn feed, tweets and posts, and additional information obtained through informal discussion and engagement with international communities and professional networks and colleagues.”

Joanne O’Connor of HPE and Jacky Fox of Accenture were recognised for contributions to the information security industry and community in Ireland.




O’Connor is currently the cyber security training and education officer for HPE in Ireland. She is a founder of the Women in Cyber Security International (WCSI), a women’s group that aims to promote ICT and security as a career for women in Ireland, with the goal of achieving proportional gender representation at all levels, especially leadership. The citation recognises O’Connor is an activist in many initiatives, such as Cyber Women Ireland, and the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) Women4Cyber initiative, while also serving as a board member of Cyber Ireland, the organisation facilitating the nexus of industry, academia and government.

Accenture’s Fox is managing director at Accenture Security, and serves as vice chair for Cyber Ireland. She is a lecturer in the MSc Programme in Information Security at the University College Dublin (UCD). Fox was awarded security champion of the year in Ireland in 2018 for her contribution to the Irish security industry and mentoring of women in security. With more than 20 years’ experience in technology and security consulting, Fox holds an MSc in digital investigations and forensic computing, a GCFA and a GICSP.

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