Irish students name Google the most diverse and inclusive workplace

Google brought some new Assistant features to CES this year. Credit: Google

Domestic companies including RTÉ, Irish Rail, Ryanair, the Irish Aviation Authority were among the top 40 companies listed



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14 January 2020 | 0

Irish Gen Z engineering students think Google is the most inclusive and diverse employer in Ireland, the Diversity and Inclusion Index has found.

The index details the workplaces perceived to be the most inclusive and diverse in Ireland. It was produced as part of a strategic partnership between employer branding company, Universum and Irish recruitment website,

The global study saw 2,000 Irish engineering and IT students measure companies’ commitments to diversity, inclusion, gender equality and respect towards employees.  




The top ten companies perceived to be inclusive and diverse among Gen Z engineering students in Ireland were; Google, Ericsson, Facebook, Nike, Intel, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Amazon and Accenture. Domestic companies, including RTÉ (20), Irish Rail (34), Ryanair (35), the Irish Aviation Authority (36), Irish Distillers (37) and Aer Lingus (40), made it into the top 40.

Defining diversity

Research indicated that public understanding of diversity has shifted. For those surveyed, cultural diversity presides over age, ethnicity or gender diversity. It found that 93% of Gen Z participants globally defined diversity, not by race or gender, but by personality traits, socio-economic background, nationality, work experience and education. It said that “the definition of diversity [has] expanded beyond the traditional pillars of gender and race to reflect a broader spectrum of factors”.

“As the research suggests, the meaning of workplace diversity and inclusion stretches far beyond having equal gender representation,” said Orla Moran, general manager of “Having a diverse and inclusive work environment, is an important factor for students when choosing a place of work, so by demonstrating a true commitment to diversity and inclusion, organisations can best position themselves to attract and retain upcoming talent.

“Workplace messaging around culture, diversity and inclusion is becoming increasingly important as it represents a work environment that fosters inclusivity and equality. As a result, companies must recognise that diversity and inclusion is a business initiative and not just a ‘nice to have’.”

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