The Irish software sector’s most in demand skills

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31 August 2018

For coders, pure programmatic skills are important, but not the only things looked for when being hired.

LinkedIn has released the top eight most sought after skills in the software sector, as it reports that wages rose in the sector by 11.4% since Q4 2011.

Top of the list is Git, the ubiquitous version control system for source code management, followed by skills in the cross-platform JavaScript library designed for simplifying client-side scripting of HTML, JQuery, and also Eclipse, the integrated development environment.

The rest of the list skills goes web services, web apps, Python, data engineering and warehousing, and finally HTML5.

“Professionals with specialist software skills,” said Sharon McCooey, head of LinkedIn Ireland, “are highly sought after at the moment and are likely to see significant interest from potential employers for the foreseeable future. The scale and breadth of the Irish tech industry is driving the demand for skilled professionals”.

“Professionals open to retraining should also look at these in-demand skills as they give a good sense of what employers are searching for. There are a variety of routes into the sector ranging from apprenticeships to third level courses. We also offer online training on LinkedIn Learning for people looking to re-skill in their own time, while balancing their current career or family life,” said McCooey.


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