Irish partnership unleashes the power of data on mobile

Glantus and CWSI bring intelligent analytics to secure mobile platform for enterprise
Ronan Murphy, CWSI, and Judith O'Brien, Glantus,. (Image: Fennell Photography)

12 February 2019

There is a perfect storm brewing in enterprise technologies that a new Irish partnership looks set to capitalise upon.

According to IDC forecasts, enterprise mobility spending, including devices, software and services, will reach $1.85 trillion (€1.61 trillion) this year. The analyst also predicts that worldwide revenue for big data and business analytics (BDA) solutions will reach $260 billion (€227 billion) by 2022, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.9%.

These combined trends show that enterprises transforming toward more data-driven, analytics-informed decision making need to get that capability into the hands of the right people, securely and appropriately.




Glantus and CWSI have announced a new partnership that aims to combine their respective strengths in data access, automation, visualisation and advanced analytics with secure, managed mobile services to allow enterprises to fully enable and empower decision makers digitally, providing a two-way traffic to capture and push out information and intelligence.

Key player
Glantus is a relatively new entrant to the BDA market, but has already established itself as a key player, with significant footprints in Ireland and the United States. The company has developed unique capabilities to connect to any data source, says CEO Judith O’Brien.

The company works from a modular design for its applications that have been engineered to connect to virtually any data source out of the box, whether APIs, databases, feeds of conventional files such as spreadsheets, and many more. Users can control their own connectors and retrieve data in real time. The systems are built for live data streaming, allowing users to build workflows that can automate actions, deliver alerts to team members, and pipeline live information to other tools.

When this was combined with the mobile platform and security capabilities of veteran company CWSI, the opportunity was obvious.

O’Brien says she is very positive about the engagement with CWSI and has known CEO Ronan Murphy personally for a long time, adding further assurance.

“They are mobile, we are data,” she says succinctly.

Beyond MDM
Murphy said that CWSI had matured as a company, beyond mobile device management (MDM) and into managed mobility. Hence when Glantus first made claims to be able to connect to any data source, to embed actionable insights with mobility technology, they were naturally sceptical.

However, ample demonstrations backed-up the claims and implications of the combined strengths became apparent.

“Partnership uniquely placed us, together,” said Murphy, “to help enterprises in two ways. Firstly, by providing a competitive edge through automating, visualising and delivering real-time data predictive analytics on any mobile device.” 

“For all businesses, as the world goes mobile first, this is a big thing.”

“Secondly,” he added, “by identifying how enterprise mobile applications are being used, difficulties that users are experiencing with mobile devices and opportunities to optimise that end user experience and increase productivity.” 

“They are the kinds of things that no one else is doing,” said Murphy.

Managed service
Murphy said that CWSI provides a managed service which is a wrap-around that might encompass, typically, three or more mobility products or applications. This might also have three or four different dashboards incorporated.

“The obvious thing Glantus could do is bring all that into one screen, one dashboard,” said Murphy.  “Customers got very excited about getting that data, getting that visibility.”

After the opportunity for partnership was identified and implemented in technology, the respective market strengths of the companies also came into play.

Murphy said that CWSI’s reputation and market reach in Ireland gave it a strong base for services here, but that its work with the likes of the big telcos in the UK was also a major opportunity for the new partnership. This would also act as a stepping stone for further European engagements in this vertical.

Furthermore, O’Brien said that Glantus’ growing strength in the United States, where it already has a number of major clients, would provide the partnership opportunity too.

South East Asia is also a growing market for Glantus, where similar verticals, but also financial services, insurance and retail banking, would likely prove lucrative markets, said O’Brien.

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