Irish enterprises to spend €700k in 2020 to boost tech sustainability

Phil Codd, Managing Director, Expleo Ireland

Expleo survey found Irish businesses will spend 24% more on green IT infrastructure in 2020 than last year



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6 January 2020 | 0

The average Irish enterprise plans to spend €715,000 on boosting the environmental sustainability of their technology infrastructure in 2020; a 24% increase on spending year-on-year. This comes from a survey commissioned by Expleo and carried out by TechPro among 143 senior IT professionals and decision-makers in Irish businesses.

Despite the increase in funding, 62% of participants believe their organisation is not doing enough to make IT infrastructure or projects environmentally friendly. Further, 39% anticipate that Irish businesses will be regulated to act in accordance with carbon neutrality by 2024.

“Businesses need to look at every aspect of their organisation to see how they can make positive changes,” said Phil Codd, managing director, Expleo Ireland. “It’s not just about making financial investments; it’s about looking at the organisation in its entirety to see how technologies and processes can be transformed to enable more sustainable work practices.”




Expleo’s survey provided insight into the technology trends that Irish IT decision-makers expect to be prominent by 2024. Indeed, 55% of respondents forecast that 5G will be fully operational in Ireland by then, while 24% predict that artificial intelligence and machine learning will become more reliable that humans in making critical business decision.

While 62% of respondents expect Ireland to lag in the European smart cities race, 26% predict that that Irish motorists will have the ability to purchase driverless cars by 2024.

 “It is interesting to see that while they are optimistic about the rollout of 5G technology and the arrival of driverless cars, Ireland’s IT leaders fail to see Ireland becoming a European leader in smart city solutions,” added Codd. “Perhaps this is a reflection of the current IT skills shortage, which means many Irish enterprises don’t have the resources to research and develop new technologies.”

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