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Irish companies urged to fill skills gaps with free training

(Image: NCI)

15 December 2016

Irish business are being urged to address skills gaps for their IT staff by availing of free degree-level courses provided by National College of Ireland (NCI) under the HEA ICT Skills programme.

“These ICT Higher Diploma courses are available free of charge to anyone regardless of employment status,” said Robert Ward, marketing director, NCI. “If you have people on your team who would benefit from upskilling and earning an accredited qualification, then these courses are available free of charge to the organisation and to the individual student. Many people probably think Springboard+ courses are only available to the unemployed but we are telling companies no, these ICT courses are available to your employees too.”

Starting in early 2017, the courses are tailored to meet key growth areas including fintech, cybersecurity, data analytics and more. The programmes are running part-time in the evenings and online and there is no cost to any organisation or individual student availing of this opportunity, said NCI. The courses are internationally recognised, fully accredited and available free of charge to all qualified applicants, regardless of employment status.

“It’s a great opportunity,” said Ward, “but the courses start this January and February, so companies might miss out if they don’t realise this opportunity and act fast.”

Steve Preece, managing director, Egis Ireland, has supported numerous staff members to further their education at NCI.

“There is a change,” said Preece, “they actually challenge my decisions more, which is good, because they challenge it with materials or thoughts which are properly structured. We’re now looking at identifying people who need to be further educated in different fields, and we’ll be speaking to National College of Ireland on that.”

For more information, see contacts below.

1850 221 721 | springboard@ncirl.ie | www.ncirl.ie/Free-ICT-Courses



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