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Irish businesses still reticent about back office cloud migration

TechFire briefing to unpick reasons for limiting digital transformation
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24 November 2020

Last month, in association with Oracle, conducted a survey in which 100 IT professionals shared their experience of moving business-critical functions to the cloud.

In a year defined by rapid and enforced digital transformation on account of the Covid-19 epidemic, the survey found many companies were still struggling with decisions over what kind of cloud solutions they should be adopting for what services. Indeed, much debate centred on what applications are being migrated at all and the reasons why not.

While 70% of survey respondents said about half their workload was now managed in the cloud, in a separate question 46% said they had no plans to migrate enterprise applications.




The full results of this survey and discussion with experts from Oracle and Vidatum will address some of these findings and share their own thoughts on why some functions are being kept in-house.

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