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Ireland a leader for coding and programming jobs

Report reveals most lucrative languages, and best countries for jobs
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8 October 2019

A recent study from has named Ireland the second-best country for coders and programmers to find a job. The study was conducted to help individuals determine which programming language is most suitable for their interests and career goals.

Average salary

With numerous programming languages to choose from, deciding which one to learn may seem daunting. But examining the earning potential of a language can make the decision-making process a little easier. studied the average salary for each language skill in the UK and US. Elixir was by far the most popular in the UK, with average earnings coming in at £79,000. This was followed by Scala (£49,000) and Rust (£40,000). Scala took the top spot in the US, with earnings of $115,000 being the average. In second place was Elixir ($98,000), followed by Swift/IOS ($95,000).




Across the board, salaries in the US were far more substantial than in the UK.

Skill versus average salary. Source:

Location also examined which country produces the largest crop of programmers and developers. Netherlands ranked highest for coding and programming jobs followed closely by Ireland, then the US, Luxembourg and the UK.

Search interest

As the use of technology increases across all walks of life, the demand for coding and programming has become of increasing interest. Oldies may be goodies, but more modern programming languages are sometimes the most suitable tool for the job.

The table below highlights the worldwide search interest of each language over the last decade.

Interest over the decade. Source:

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