Ireland ranked 18th globally for intelligent connectivity, according to Huawei

Recognised as a global leader in ICT investment, ICT maturity and digital economic performance
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22 November 2019

Ireland is one of the ‘frontrunners’ of global intelligent connectivity according to the Huawei Global Connectivity Index (GCI) 2019 Report.

Now in its sixth year, the GCI ranked Ireland 18th of 79 countries and recognised Ireland as a global leader in ICT investment, ICT maturity and digital economic performance. Ireland’s score of 67 put Ireland above the global average, particularly in relation to demand, experience and potential.

GCI highlighted the major forces behind intelligent connectivity; artificial intelligence (AI), broadband, cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It said that these key enablers show significant potential for economic growth.




AI-infused intelligent connectivity has begun to have an impact on the digital economy. GCI found that countries who scored upwards of 65 and continuously invested in intelligent connectivity should expect to see a GDP boost of 1%. However, it found that success in the era of intelligence depends on the ability to collaborate on a global scale.

Not only developed economies can benefit from intelligent connectivity. When AI is deployed by industries or organisations, any nations can experience the upside potential of AI, irrespective of digital development level. The GCI said policymakers must examine their national economy’s strengths and determine how to profit from the intelligent connectivity ecosystem.   

“We’re now seeing that the fusion of 5G, AI, and cloud has redefined connectivity. Intelligent connectivity is speeding up the development of the digital economy, so governments and industry leaders in starter nations and adopter nations should embrace new technologies, prioritise work on national-level digital transformation plans, and benefit from global collaboration,” said Kevin Zhang, CMO of Huawei ICT Infrastructure.

“Meanwhile, we’ve realised that Intelligent Connectivity may be the answer to many of the societies’ most complicated and deeply rooted challenges, including climate change and the wealth gap between rich and poor. Huawei is committed to increasing efforts to make technology, applications, and skills accessible to everyone, and bringing Intelligent Connectivity’s benefits to every person, home and organisation.”

The GCI provides actionable insights for policy makers and economic stakeholders to foster success in the digital economy.

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