IP Telecom rolls out free video conferencing

Brian Chamberlain, Shena Brien and Anthony Tattan, IP Telecom
Brian Chamberlain, Shena Brien and Anthony Tattan, IP Telecom

Business and healthcare sectors get access to open source tools



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1 April 2020 | 0

Telecoms carrier IP Telecom has initiated a rapid roll out process for an open source online video conferencing solution for all Irish businesses and the healthcare sector.

The solution, based on jitsi-meet, is a fully encrypted, Web-based video conferencing solution that allows colleagues and vendors to continue with face to face meetings.

Furthermore, IPT Meet allows video conferencing on a group basis or as a one-to-one allowing the healthcare providers to carry out free group meetings or doctors to maintain face to face contact with patients during this uncertain time when people may not wish to travel to surgeries.




As it is device neutral, colleagues and vendors can hold meetings across multiple locations and device. Even those who have poor broadband or are out and about to dial in or be dialled-in to a conference via phone.

Brian Chamberlain, CTO of IP Telecom, said: “In response to the current situation we decided to push out jitsi-meet – an amazing open source fully online webRTC communication solution that utilises the video conferencing capabilities of our network and we’re delighted to make this solution available to Irish business at a time when face to face meetings are impossible to have.

“We’ve seen how international solutions may be getting overloaded at the moment leading to outages, but the solution that we are rollling out today shares all the features that paid for solutions provide but with the benefit of additional bandwidth in order to help Irish business continue as near to normal in this time.”

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