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1 April 2005 | 0

Version 5.4 of Iona Technologies’ Orbix E2A XMLBus allows connectivity between applications developed for CORBA, .NET, J2EE, MQSeries and mainframe environments

The new version also enables the bridging of CORBA systems to Web services. New features such as an ‘Operation Flow Designer’ address the problems inherent in mapping complex CORBA systems into more abstract, business-focused Web services.

Developers can integrate CORBA applications with other internal applications – typically based on J2EE, mainframe or Microsoft technologies – without tampering with the stable CORBA system or incurring the expense of developing new CORBA interface code. They can expose existing CORBA systems to other parts of the organisation, where CORBA previously had been a barrier to interoperability. They can also extend CORBA applications for use over the Internet, where these are accessible from browsers or other applications by partners or customers. The new software can also help to migrate older CORBA applications to newer versions of CORBA.




New features include: Complete CORBA data type support; support for IONA’s Orbix 2000, Orbix 3, and ORBacus, and Borland VisiBroker CORBA technologies; ‘Operation Flow Designer’ capabilities, which solve the ‘impedance mismatch’ problem inherent in bridging object systems and Web services; secure SSL-based dispatching of Web services to CORBA systems with propagation of security credentials; doubling of runtime performance over previous versions of XMLBus technology; and IONA’s Adaptive Runtime Technology (ART) which brings enterprise Qualities-of-Service (QoS) to Web services applications.

The Orbix E2A – XMLBus Edition v5.4 is available now, pricing begins at EUR500 per development licence.

Iona Technologies: +353 (0)1-637 2146

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