Intel confirms plans for a discrete GPU by 2020

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13 June 2018 | 0

Intel has officially confirmed that its first discrete graphics chip will land as soon as 2020. “Intel’s first discrete GPU coming in 2020,” the company has said in a brief Tweet.

The company’s tweet did not say where those GPUs were headed, but the it did confirm both data centre and gaming PCs are targeted, without saying which was coming first, however.

Intel signalled its intentions to get serious again about graphics in November of 2017, when it announced it had poached AMD’s graphics head Raja Koduri. While Koduri has long been a respected leader in the graphics industry, few expected Intel to have any tangible products for at least three years.

Analyst Ryan Shrout characterised the plans to push out a product by 2020 to compete with AMD’s Radeon and Nvidia’s GeForce products as “aggressive.” Shrout wrote that Intel needs to come out swinging and be at the same performance and efficiency as AMD and Nvidia, or at least within a 20% margin.

Shrout was sceptical about Intel’s prospects, though. “Doing that on the first attempt,” Shrout wrote, “while also building and fostering the necessary software ecosystem and tools around the new hardware, is a tough ask of any company, Silicon Valley juggernaut or not. Until we see the first options available in 2020 to gauge, Nvidia and AMD have the leadership positions.”

Long-time observers will also note this is not the first time Intel has promised graphics parts. Its ill-fated Larrabee in 2009 was supposed to hit shelves by 2010 but never materialised. Instead, all that was ever seen was the Knights Landing version for data centres.


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