TechPro Insights

The Insights section allows organisations to share news and views, as well as specifics on products and services.

Insights adds the space to share organisational changes too, to offer the opportunity to present who you are, what you think and what you do.

* Interview with our journalist or piece submitted by you
* You will approve the piece prior to publishing
* Premium position
* Includes a high res photo of your spokesperson
* Your spokesperson’s byline
* Include your call to action contact details
* Piece will be published in print (TechPro magazine)
* Piece will be published online (

* You can choose your word count from;
500 words [half page] with photo & byline €1250
750 words [mini page] with photo & byline €1500
1000 words [full page] with photo & byline €1950

Fill out my online form.

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