Insight, Genesys take AI research into third phase

New project looks reliability of large language models
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3 April 2024

Insight, the Science Foundation Ireland research centre for data analytics, has announced the third phase of its research partnership with Genesys. The collaboration centred around bias detection techniques in machine learning models began in 2021 and will now run untl 2025.

The latest project, Exploring gaps in Large Language Models for Trustworthy AI, is focused on building systems that are trustworthy and ethical, adhering to the key principles of transparency and accountability.

The project will explore gaps in large language models (LLMs) including domain-specific translations for under-resourced languages, prompt-based fine-tuning approaches and domain injection approaches.




Project co-lead Dr Ihsan Ullah said: “Bias exists at various stages of a machine learning pipeline. LLMs are trained on gigantic amounts of data from the Web, hence, necessitating an investigation into potential biases affecting their decisions. This project will delve into automation of detection of bias at various levels using explainable AI techniques and our proposed linked dataspace, model, and data card schema. It will help in bringing fairness and standardising the machine learning pipeline to be adopted by academia and industry across Ireland and the EU.”

Joe Smyth, SVP of R&D, digital and AI at Genesys, said: “Since embarking on this project with the Insight SFI research centre for data analytics, we’ve made tremendous progress to advance bias detection. As we continue, our ultimate objective is to help organisations ensure the trustworthiness of the LLMs they are using to fuel their AI capabilities and to further apply LLMs to underserved languages, so all cultures can reap the benefits of this revolutionary technology.”

Andy Donald, project co-lead, said: “This represents an exciting opportunity for Insight to contribute to a more transparent and trustworthy AI ecosystem. As we move to a more data-centric global society, it is imperative that we lead the charge on this important work, and we’re excited to collaborate with Genesys on this journey.”

Prof Edward Curry, Director of the Insight at University of Galway, said: “Building trustworthy AI through the development of systems with explainable processes is a core activity at Insight, Ireland’s national research centre on data and AI. Genesys is a global leader in AI-powered customer and employee experiences and our research partnership comes at a critical time as we move to a more regulated AI space. The open innovation approach of this research is of particular value to both partners, as we seek to support the wider mission of building more accountable AI systems in Europe and beyond.”

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