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Industry giants collaborate for Open Data Platform

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17 February 2015

Major names in the big data space have announced their intent to create an industry association whose aim is promote big data technologies on open source software from the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, optimising testing among and across the vendor’s ecosystems.

The Open Data Platform (ODP) will accelerate the ability of enterprises to build and implement data-driven applications, and comprises as platinum members GE, Hortonworks, IBM, Infosys, Pivotal, SAS and others, with gold members AltiScale, Capgemini, CenturyLink, EMC, Splunk, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Teradata, and VMware.

Speaking to TechPro, Michael Cucchi, senior director, Outbound Product , Pivotal said that the ODP remains open for membership and that a number of other vendors are currently in talks to join. Cucchi said that enterprises need help in leveraging these open source technologies, while satisfying their specific requirements for stability and control.

ODP member EMC said that it is ensuring that enterprise has the ability to build applications that extract value from data and leverage the Hadoop environment.

Agility and focus
“By providing a common, predictable and stable foundation,” said Tom Tormey, vice president, Global Strategic Technology Alliances, EMC Corporation, “the Open Data Platform helps businesses become more agile and focus on building business driven applications.”

The ODP members are coming together to help maximise big data adoption and productivity, it said, with companies in the initiative concentrating efforts first on developing and using offerings focused on core Apache Hadoop use cases. The ODP will provide access to a tested reference core of Apache Hadoop, Apache Ambari and related Apache source artifacts, which will simplify upstream and downstream qualification efforts – giving the industry a coveted “test once, use everywhere” core platform.

The ODP will work directly with specific Apache projects, adhering to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) guidelines for the contribution of ideas and code.  A key benefit of the ODP will be for members to collaborate across various Apache projects as well as other open source-licensed big data projects with a goal toward meeting enterprise class requirements.  The ODP is expected to promote a set of standard open source technologies and versions that will increase compatibility among big data solutions and simplify the process for applications and tools to integrate with and run on any compliant system.

Open source acceleration
“The best way to accelerate innovation and adoption of platform technologies like Hadoop is through an open source model,” said Shaun Connolly, vice president of corporate strategy, Hortonworks. “The Open Data Platform initiative will rally both enterprise end users and vendors around a well-defined common core platform against which big data solutions can be qualified. This will free up the broader big data ecosystem to focus on data-driven applications that deliver proactive insights for businesses.”

The focus on open source as a driving influence in this space was a key point, according to Ben Fathi, chief technology officer, VMware.

“The Open Source movement is fundamentally changing the way that software is being developed in the industry today,” said Fathi. “Common frameworks and standards such as Open Data Platform will help solidify open source as a proven option for enterprises. VMware is excited to join other industry leaders to develop and implement these standards to drive more compatibility and innovation into the market.”



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