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David Curtin, IEDR
David Curtin, IEDR



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21 March 2018 | 0

Registering a .ie online address is now easier and faster from today as IE Domain Registry’s (IEDR) domain ‘liberalisation’ policy change comes into force.

Previously, any individual or business registering a .ie domain had to prove that they had a valid claim to the desired name and a real, tangible connection to the island of Ireland.

The change to the registration process retains the requirement for applicants to prove their connection to Ireland but drops the need to prove a valid claim to a name.

From now on, any individual or business with a provable connection to Ireland will be able to register any available .ie domain name on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is expected this change will open up the .ie domain namespace to citizens, clubs, communities and businesses that may have otherwise struggled with the administrative steps required to prove their claim to a particular .ie domain.

“Liberalisation will completely transform the customer’s .ie domain registration experience, allowing them to get online with an identifiably Irish website and email address in less time and with less hassle,” said David Curtin, chief executive of IEDR (pictured).

“Having the means to connect to and communicate with the wider Internet community is essential in today’s digital world, particularly in terms of e-commerce.”

“In cases where .ie domain applicants believe that another party has improperly registered a .ie domain, there are dispute resolution mechanisms in place, including the formal dispute resolution process independently operated by the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

“IEDR is also moving ahead with plans to create an alternative dispute resolution service in the form of an independent Irish mediation service. This will mean that disputes will be resolved in a more efficient, speedier manner. We are confident that we will have this service in place later in the year.”

According to the latest edition of the IEDR dot ie Domain Profile Report, 2017 was the strongest year on record for new .ie domain registrations – 108 were registered every day.

The change to .ie domain registration policy was agreed last year following an extensive multi-stakeholder consultation with the general public and IEDR’s Policy Advisory Committee (PAC), made up of key stakeholders from Ireland’s internet and business community.

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