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General Data Protection Regulation

With the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018, organisations are being put under increased pressure to remain compliant. Despite a general increase in activity towards this end, our survey in January revealed that many knowledge gaps still existed concerning data protection law, best practice, the expanding role of the Data Protection Officer, and much more.

To respond to this, the Irish Computer Society and the Association of Data Protection Officers developed its European Certified Data Protection Officer Programme, which we formally launched on 13 March at events in Dublin and Cork. The events focused on the role of the Data Protection Officer under the GDPR, how it will change, and what actions can be taken to remain compliant.

This was the first in a series of events ICS plans to run about the GDPR. Our next event will be ‘D-Day for GDPR – 1 year to go’ and will be held on May 25th in the same venues in Dublin and Cork. This event will focus on practical changes that can be implemented in the year remaining until the GDPR is enforced. Below is a sample of topics that will be covered:

  • Know your data: you can’t plan your journey if you don’t know where you’re starting
    • The Association of Data Protection Officers can help you assess your organisation’s data protection readiness and maturity with a Compliance Audit
  • Subject Access Requests under GDPR: what has changed, what pitfalls exist, how to handle them
    • As part of the ECDPO Programme, the Irish Computer Society runs a Subject Access Requests advanced data protection module
  • Crisis Management: Facing an Audit from the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
    • We have helped many companies to deal with data breaches and prepare for audits from the Data Protection Commissioner. Let us help you do the same.
  • Data Processors
    • Data Processors have a lot of new responsibilities under the GDPR. We will be discussing the legal implications for organisations and the increased accountability of Data Processors in general.

For more information about the event, please keep an eye on www.dpo.ie/events for updates.



About the European certified data protection officer programme




The European Certified Data Protection Officer (ECDPO) Programme consists of 8 numbered modules, each focusing on a different area of data protection. It is accredited by the Irish Computer Society and the Association of Data Protection Officers.

  • ECDPO 1 – Preparing for the EU GDPR
  • ECDPO 2 – Managing Subject Access Requests
  • ECDPO 3 – Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • ECDPO 4 – Managing a Data Breach
  • ECDPO 5 – How to conduct a Data Protection Audit
  • ECDPO 6 – Understanding Privacy by Design & Default
  • ECDPO 7 – Records & Policy Management
  • ECDPO 8 – Sector-specific Training on Data Protection (Public Sector/ Financial Sector/ HR/ IT)

We developed these modules in light of the diverse set of data protection responsibilities organisations have. The Programme requires candidates to complete six of eight modules over a period of up to two years. It is suited to anyone currently fulfilling a Data Protection Officer role within an organisation and looking to develop a career in Data Protection.

The programme will enable you to fully meet the legislative requirements as a Data Protection Officer under the GDPR. You can then use this knowledge to make influential changes in your organisation. Through completion of the modules, you will learn how to:

  • Protect and manage personal data
  • Interpret current legislation in the specific areas of data protection
  • Implement a data protection framework within your organisation
  • Design, complete and report on major data protection projects which may be required to enhance your organisation’s positioning within the sector
  • Justify the rationale behind recommendations in relation to data protection
  • Maintain, develop and apply Data Protection best practice
  • Professional Designation
Lanre Oluwatona, ADPO

Lanre Oluwatona, Data Protection Consultant, ADPO

Lanre Oluwatona, data protection officer with the Irish Computer Society, offered his thoughts on the programme.

“This Programme is a necessary step in ensuring organisations are fully prepared by 2018 – currently, we are not. The pressure is on everyone, not just the Data Protection Officers, to learn how to manage and deal with personal data effectively. It is not something to be ignored, and it is not something that can be simplified. Data Protection law now permeates every department, every task that we do, whether it is sending an e-mail to a mailing list or managing employee records.”

“In an increasingly digitised world, having that knowledge in an IT environment is absolutely essential. I am confident that, through completion of this Programme, candidates will increase their awareness of the scope of influence that data protection has, and how to use the knowledge they have gained to remain compliant.”

The Programme will begin on 3 April. For more information, or to register, please visit www.ics.ie/training and navigate to the ECDPO training page.


Courses and Events


11 April – ECDPO 1 – Preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (Mayo)

12 April – CDPP Certified Data Protection Practitioner – 3-day (Mayo)

20 April – NCI Certificate in Business Analysis (QQI level 8)

8 May – Management of Risk (M_O_R) Combined Foundation and Practitioner Course



19 May – Business Analysts Association of Ireland Annual Conference

15 June – IT Architects Conference 2017

For more information, or to sign up for any of our training courses, visit www.ics.ie/events or e-mail events@ics.ie

Follow us on Twitter (@IrishCompSoc) or on Facebook for updates: www.facebook.com/IrishComputerSociety



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