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3-Day Data Protection Practitioner – Galway

The Irish Computer Society offers Ireland’s first certified data protection practitioner programme, taking place in Galway on 18 November. Across three days, it covers the fundamental issues contained within the Data Protection Acts, which have a legislative impact upon all organisations. The course will teach participants about key terminology within the Act; the importance of process, procedure and policy; and the roles within Data Protection legislation.

Real world examples will be used to contextualise the nature of a data breach, including case studies for which students will be asked to participate in a workshop on how to manage a breach.

Above all else, the course will equip you with the knowledge required to remain compliant with data protection legislation, from the management of data to the drafting of an air-tight data protection policy. Important topics include privacy, principles of data protection, personal data, offences and penalties, regulation and enforcement, among others.

If you would like to learn more about the syllabus, please visit the course event page.

For more information about this course please email training@ics.ie or visit www.ics.ie/training


eHealth Ireland Ecosystems Review

The second official meeting of the eHealth Ireland Ecosystem was held on Friday 18 September at the Clyde Court Hotel, Dublin 4.

The main objective of the topic ‘Clinical Engagement and Research’ was to build consensus on the link between Clinical Research and Clinical Engagement. The experts on the day discussed guidelines that could improve clinical engagement to support better patient care and economic growth.

Speaking at the event Dr Gianpiero Cavalleri from Royal College of Surgeons made the point that eHealth is a great facilitator of clinical research in epilepsy and that Ireland is the right size of population to base research in determining genetic biomarkers for conditions like epilepsy.

Just like the first eHealth Ecosystem back in June, the attendees came together to discuss questions posed by the speakers on the day. These outcomes became an integral part of the first ecosystem on ePharamacy, it aided the HSE to establish their eHealth Programme.

The event report which will be published soon will outline the outcomes and give a detailed report on presentations and discussions.

The next eHealth Ireland Ecosystem is scheduled for November 25th at the HISI Conference in the Aviva Stadium, Dublin. The theme will be on Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

The Ecosystem meetings bring lots of different perspectives with one shared goal — #ehealth4all.

Visit www.hisi.ie/conference to register.


11th Annual Public Sector IT Conference

The 11th Annual Public Sector IT Conference will take place on 27 November at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin 4. Over the past decade, the conference has become a must-attend event in the diary of every public sector worker, not just those who work in IT.

Run by the Irish Computer society in collaboration with the Institute for Public Administration, the conference was developed over a decade ago to help advance, promote and actively represent the interests of ICT professionals in Ireland. Its themes always endeavour to reflect the ever-shifting landscape of IT in the hopes of engaging critically with the issues that matter. Previous themes have included ‘Transforming Healthcare through IT’, ‘Enabling e-government’, ‘Social Media in the Public Sector’ and ‘Cloud Computing Architectures’.

If you would like to register your interest for the conference and book your place, please visit the conference web page under ‘Events’ on the ICS site. ICS members will receive a €100 discount on places.


itSMF Ireland Annual Conference Review

On behalf of the IT Service Management Forum, we would like to thank everyone who attended our annual conference on the 8 October in the Clyde Court Hotel. The event was a great success and gave the opportunity to many professionals in the IT Service Management field to exchange ideas and offer their insights on this ever-evolving profession. ITSMF always tries to be creative when choosing conference topics and the theme of Continual Service Improvement seemed highly relevant in the modern IT landscape.

Special thanks to all of our speakers that addressed the topic: Dave Van Herpen, Stuart Wright, Andrew Vermes, John Griffiths, Ian McDonald, Stuart Rance and Michael Brophy. We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone else who attended and made the event a most lively and memorable one.

Be sure to stay involved with the ITSMF and help us promote and develop best practice in ITSM. We hope to see you at next year’s conference!

Presentations are available on www.itsmf.ie/conference 


CPD – Continuous Professional Development

The ICS is launching its new initiative known as Continuous Professional Development (CPD). CPD is a combination of learning and development approaches that plays a key role globally in the likes of IT and engineering. What this initiative brings is a points-based system allowing you to record, track and share your achievements with the IT community.

The initiative was inspired by a CEPIS study on e-Skills and ICT professionalism. Through its implementation, every aspect of an organisation will benefit. As an IT professional, your employability, credibility, confidence and job satisfaction will improve. Your organisation will see improvements to work performance and output.

CPD has four categories: Formal, Non-Formal, Informal and Contribution, each with different activities. Whether you’re earning a diploma, attending a conference, job shadowing, or mentoring, be recognised for your devotion to the company in a quantifiable way. The system can be adopted at any stage of your career, distributing itself differently for the student, the professional, or the leader. As you earn more points, you will be entitled to various rewards within the CPD system. For more information, visit the CPD web page on www.ics.ie/cpd 


ICS Leaders Conference

The third ICS Leaders conference will be held on 22 October at Dublin’s Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. The conference will focus on innovation, leadership and will discuss challenges facing IT leaders in the coming years.

This year’s conference will raise a number of prevalent issues for which speakers, panelists and attendees will give their opinions and experiences to be discussed by all present.

Talking points on the day will be:

  • How will IT look in 2020? Here attendees will gain insight on how to stay ahead of expanding scopes of responsibility and stay on top of emerging threats to privacy, security, etc.
  • How can research and innovation combine to create real impact? For this discussion, attendees will be asked to critically examine how businesses could harness research and innovation to deliver real, lasting value to their organisation(s).
  • Are you the Wolf in CIO Clothes? Are you the predator or the prey? Gartner’s Dave Aron will discuss the different characteristics that make up an IT leader or CIO and how to categorise the leaders around you. Find out what kind of CIO you are.

Following last year’s success, we will once again be hosting an expert panel to discuss a very serious issue within the context of data protection: How do we meet today’s cybersecurity challenges?  In this highly topical and challenging topic, the panel will discuss the ever growing threat of cybersecurity and what you can do to reduce risk and increase your level of security, both in-house and when launching software to the larger community.

The ICS Leaders Conference is devised for CEOs and CIOs but will be of interest to all those who are in IT leadership positions and those who are aspiring to be an IT leader.




  • PRINCE2 Combined Foundation & Practitioner 5-Day – 2 November
  • ITIL Foundation Certificate Course – 9 November
  • TOGAF 9.1 Foundation + Certified (Level 1 + 2) – 16 November
  • 3-Day Data Protection Practitioner – 18 November, Galway
  • 11th Annual Public Sector IT Conference – 27 November




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