HubSpot to add 450 new jobs in Ireland

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New office confirmed for Dubiln's south side



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4 March 2020 | 0

HubSpot has announced the creation of 450 new jobs to be based ata combination it’s existing Dublin site, a new office and working remotely.

HubSpot opened its Dublin office on the Dublin docklands in 2013 with a staff of 150. It has since tripled its presence. A new building, HubSpot House, will house 320 employees.

“We opened our EMEA headquarters in Dublin to help HubSpot’s global customers grow better, and to create an opportunity for talented individuals in product, engineering, sales, services, and marketing to have real customer impact across the market,” said JD Sherman, HubSpot president and chief operating officer. “Our growth in Dublin has exceeded our expectations, which is a testament to the team and their hard work in building world-class products, delivering exceptional service to our customers, and creating an inclusive and award-winning culture. HubSpot House is a great space to build upon the fantastic work already achieved, and our commitment to talent growth will continue to drive growth for HubSpot globally.”




Martin Shanahan, CEO, IDA Ireland, said: “HubSpot’s continued commitment to growth in Ireland is evidence of the team’s hard work and success here. The EMEA headquarters based in Dublin plays a strategic role in HubSpot’s global operations and it is very pleasing to see a great diversity of roles from engineering to sales being carried out here. I also commend the company for creating remote jobs, which will tap into the strong talent pool in regional locations.”

Recruitment is expected to be completed by 2023.

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