Huawei HMS Core and Ascend AI ecosystem programme signal new frontier for advancement of digitisation

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Huawei maps out post-Google future with HMS



28 February 2020 | 0

Earlier this year, during the London stop of the worldwide Huawei Developer Day, Huawei introduced HMS Core 4.0, the latest edition of its terminal cloud service open capabilities. These services will help applications gain more users, increase their activity, and achieve their business goals more efficiently. The smart distribution of terminals allows developers to focus on innovation and bring more and better all-scenario smart life experiences to Huawei end users.

With its unique and innovative capabilities, HMS Core provides a full range of services for different mobile application developers around the world. Its features in terms of security and trustworthiness, global distribution, one-step access, and accurate access to global users can effectively reduce development thresholds and costs. Developers can thus focus on their own application innovation.

To date, HMS Core has a global reach of 530 million users in more than 170 countries, while providing features such as cost-effectiveness, a unified portal for one-stop integration, and precise user targeting through multiple promotion channels.

Furthermore, HMS Core is compliant with international security and privacy standards, including GAPP, GDPR, and local regulations within its ambit. Free-to-start and easy-to-use, HMS provides users with access to a one-stop-service experience, from development to listing.

Ascend AI programme ushers in new chapter for computing industry in Europe

But HMS is only a small part of a larger developer-focused strategy. To complement the HMS Core suite and further develop the AI strategy announced in 2018, the release of the AI Ecosystem Program in Europe underpins our commitment to drive the AI computing industry in Europe forward, enabling enterprises and individual developers to leverage the Ascend AI series products for technological and business innovation. Over the next few years, Huawei will invest millions of euros in the AI Ecosystem Program in Europe, helping industry organisations, developers, universities and research institutes to boost innovation.

Huawei is committed to investing in cutting edge technology research and development. We reinvest around 15% of our revenues back into research, development and innovation. This amounted to a research budget of over €11.5 billion in the last year alone, and AI is present in just about everything we are working on.

New developments in AI require a joint effort across the entire value chain. Companies like ours work every day with software and technology developers in the ICT ecosystem. We will continue to make substantial investments to implement a worldwide Developer Enablement Plan. This will allow developers to build innovative solutions based on Huawei’s products, platforms, and APIs.

Huawei aims to leverage AI to unlock the potential to drive productivity, competitiveness and innovation, and improve human lives significantly. It has been estimated that AI can contribute over €13 trillion to the global economy – around €8 trillion on the consumption side and €5.6 trillion in productivity gains – so it will naturally generate many thousands of new jobs, many of them in Europe.

AI has already arrived as a new general-purpose technology. It is going to change all industries and organizations on the planet, and we think it will do so for the better, helping to bring society closer together at a time when we very much need to remember that, globally, we have far more in common than we have differences. In an era of accelerating digitalisation,

Join Huawei to bring digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected intelligent world.

Kevin Liu, president of public affairs & communications department, Western Europe, Huawei Technologies

This article was supplied by Huawei.

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