HTC Vive pre-orders begin today – at a price

HTC Vive Pre
HTC Vive Pre



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29 February 2016 | 0

Pre-order for HTC’s Vive virtual reality package begin today at 3pm but anyone betting on a bargain introductory price will be disappointed. Unlike our US cousins who will have to shell out $799 (€735) plus sales tax for the system consisting of a headset, two hand controllers two room sensors, Irish consumers will be charged a whopping €899 ($978). Neither price includes delivery charges.

The Vive will come with three ‘experiences’: Tilt Brush, a Google-developed programme that let’s you paint using three-dimensions brush strokes; Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives, showing off a world where robots have taken over jobs done by humans; and Fantastic Contraption, where the user builds a machine the size of a horse in a fantasy setting.

What sets the Vive apart from its competitors the Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear VR is its use of sensors to make use of entire rooms, instead of having a stationary user – making it a more complete system.

The Vive will go on general sale on 5 April.

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