Antonio Neri, CEO, HPE

HPE’s GreenLake Central to deliver cloud experience everywhere

Service portal to run, manage, and optimise hybrid IT estates
Antonio Neri, HPE

3 December 2019

The world is hybrid, but the experiences are not equal, according to Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

Speaking at the HPE Discover More event in Munich, Flynn Molloy, EVP, marketing, GreenLake, HPE, said there are significant challenges for client operating in hybrid cloud. He said clients have told HPE that cloud operations are difficult, with every cloud almost a silo in itself, meaning traditional management tools are not up to the job. Clients have reported that managing cloud requires new skills that many do not possess, and visibility on usage and costs is not always possible. On top of all this, compliance becomes an issue too.

To address these challenges, HPE announced GreenLake Central, which it says gives customers an as-a-service portal and operational console to run, manage, and optimise hybrid IT estates.




GreenLake Central is an advanced software platform that provides a consistent cloud experience for all applications and data, through an operational console that runs, manages and optimises the entire hybrid IT estate.

HPE said that the new service builds on its as-a-service GreenLake model to provide users with a simple, unified, digital experience across public and private clouds, the data centre and edge workloads.

“This platform accelerates business outcomes for customers by lowering costs and risks and providing greater choice and control,” said HPE.

GreenLake Central delivers a single, integrated management control plane for the entire hybrid IT estate, and one operational console from which to direct and drive their digital transformation initiatives.

“The platform gives customers the freedom to choose which tools they want to use to build applications, where and how to place their workloads and data, and only pay for what they consume,” said the vendor.

In his keynote, Antonio Neri, president and CEO, HPE (pictured), said that customers want a cloud experience everywhere.

“We are the edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service company,” said Neri. “Our strategy and our ability to deliver on it are ahead of the market.”

The GreenLake Central service delivers customised consoles and capabilities on a role basis, to the CIO, CFO, developers, legal and compliance officers, and general IT users.

According to HPE, the CIO regains control of the organisation’s hybrid IT estate through a unified dashboard and operational console that “positions them as service brokers to the rest of the business”. It says CIOs can monitor and take action on a range of KPIs, including security, capacity, cost, compliance, and resource utilisation. The service brings the self-service experience to the on-premises environment, and gives CIOs “unmatched visibility and control”, allowing them to focus on innovation and strategy, and transition from reacting to running hybrid IT.

Hybrid estate

For the CFO, there is a real-time view of spend across the hybrid IT estate, giving a better break down across users, teams, and business units, and within public and private cloud, data centre and edge environments. GreenLake Central provides finance with unprecedented visibility to control costs and ensure projects remain on budget, says HPE.

Developers get the benefit of a simple “point, click, get” pay-per-use platform that allows them to write, release, and deploy code quickly, without being concerned with underlying infrastructure. They can access an array of tools and services from HPE and partners through a marketplace, giving them one “workbench” from which to design and create applications at high speed.

Legal and compliance officers get greater visibility to monitor regulatory and compliance issues, with the ability to monitor more than 15,000 controls for governance, risk and compliance. There is also the ability to programme custom compliance frameworks, through an “plane English” interface designed for use by without any programming experience.

“HPE GreenLake Central is a transformative platform that changes the game in hybrid IT,” said Neri. “With this offering, every user in a company gains access to a unique console from which to run their organization and achieve powerful business outcomes. Now the CIO can operate as a strategic service broker, and everyone benefits from a consistent cloud experience, resulting in lower costs and risks, and greater choice, control, simplicity, and speed.”

The launch of GreenLake Central comes as part of the vendor’s commitment to deliver its entire portfolio as-a-Service by 2022. HPE says that GreenLake’s unique metering, cost control, software IP, and backing from HPE Financial Services, provide a differentiated solution that competitors cannot match.

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