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HPE GreenLake takes aim at data protection and analytics

HPE also debuts edge-to-cloud adoption framework
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29 September 2021

HPE has announced a series of new GreenLake offerings which signal its entrance into the analytics and data protection markets.

HPE GreenLake for analytics is a set of open and unified analytics cloud services that aim to modernise data and applications stored on-premises, at the edge, and in the cloud. It will enable analytics and data science teams to scale up Apache Spark lakehouses and speed up artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) workflows, according to HPE.

HPE GreenLake for data protection offers backup cloud services as well as disaster recovery sourced from HPE’s recent acquisition of Zerto. It provides restore times of as little as minutes, allowing organisations to recover from ransomware attacks without impacting business operations, regardless of the scenario.

HPE has also announced its edge-to-cloud adoption framework, which aims to support customers in creating an effective cloud operating model by being able to evaluate it using categories such as strategy & governance, people, operations, innovation, applications, DevOps, data, and security.

Beside its three main new offerings, HPE has also showcased a new addition to its AI Ops for infrastructure, HPE InfoSight. Known as HPE InfoSight App Insights, the tool is capable of detecting application anomalies, providing recommendations, and preventing disruptions in application workloads. Customers looking to make smarter, data-based IT decisions across edge-to-cloud will also benefit from the new HPE CloudPhysics.

Commenting on the announcements, HPE president and CEO Antonio Neri said that “data is at the heart of every modernisation initiative in every industry”.

He adds, however, that many organisations “have been forced to settle for legacy analytics platforms that lack cloud-native capabilities, or force complex migrations to the public cloud that require customers to adapt new processes and risk vendor lock-in.”

According to Neri, the Big Data and analytics software market, estimated by IDC to be worth $110 billion by 2023, “is ripe for disruption, as customers seek a hybrid solution for enterprise datasets on-premises and at the edge”.

“The new HPE GreenLake cloud services for analytics empower customers to overcome these trade-offs and give them one platform to unify and modernise data everywhere,” he said. Together with the new HPE GreenLake cloud services for data protection, HPE provides customers with an unparalleled platform to protect, secure, and capitalise on the full value of their data, from edge to cloud.”

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