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HPE focuses on data security for governments and global enterprise

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20 May 2016

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has released HPE SecureData with Hyper Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE), and Hyper Secure Stateless Tokenisation (SST), which are aimed at providing standards-based protections for data with specific regard to governments and organisations with compliance obligations under European with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

The new Hyper FPE technology delivers a NIST-standardised method of protecting data in use, at rest, and in motion, said HPE, and includes Unicode format- and character set-preserving encryption for data in languages such as German, French, Spanish, Turkish, and more.

“With the dissolving network perimeter, organisations are now challenged with protecting what attackers are actually after – the data,” said Albert Biketi, vice president and general manager, HPE Security. “HPE’s new data-centric Hyper FPE and Hyper SST solutions offer next generation encryption and tokenisation to strengthen the data security posture for customers while ensuring they maintain regulatory compliance.”

Hyper FPE is critical to protecting sensitive personal and structured data required by existing and emerging privacy frameworks, says HPE, such as payment card information (PCI), national identification, and social security numbers, while preserving the original data formats. Hyper FPE is also optimised for protecting sensitive data in Connected Car IoT Systems and Connected Home use cases that require de-identification of location information, mobile device personal identifies, and manufacturer identifier codes needed to meet data security and privacy requirements.

SecureData with Hyper FPE technology provides accelerated encryption performance up to 170% in conservative scenarios, according to HPE, while aligning to the high volume needs of next generation Big Data, cloud, and IoT scenarios. The result is a strong encryption scheme that allows for minimal modifications to the way that existing applications and databases work, significantly reducing complexity for customers.

Enterprises, merchants and payment processors are challenged with protecting high value sensitive data such as PCI, and must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and data privacy laws that have increasing compliance scrutiny, said HPE. To help users address mounting complexities and costs, HPE says SecureData with Hyper SST offers an enhanced, patented approach to tokenisation that maximises speed, scalability, security, and manageability of the tokenisation process, effectively doubling the existing HPE SST tokenisation performance.

Hyper FPE and HPE Hyper SST are now available globally as part of the HPE SecureData family delivering data security for compliance, governance and risk reduction across enterprise, cloud, big data, payments, mobile data capture, and mission critical systems.



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