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1 April 2005 | 0

Reaction among Irish resellers to HP’s Partner One channel programme, now three months in place, has been positive according to Kasper Rorsted, managing director of HP EMEA and senior vice president of HP’s Enterprise Systems Group.

Partner One programme is seen as critically important to the newly merged company as it works to combine the different channel strategies of Compaq and HP, including the business processes, systems and supply chain.
‘Most channel partners agree that it’s good to have just one model,’ said Rorsted. ‘The breadth of products available to the channel is also wider.’
Rorsted said the ‘direct and indirect debate’ had been ongoing since 1994, but was no longer important. ‘Its about delivering value to the customer.’

He said that HP generated $20bn in business through the channel worldwide, so its commitment to it could not be questioned. Dell has been operating in EMEA markets for 10-12 years, yet only 20 per cent of its global revenues are derived from these markets.

HP’s PC business is twice the size of Dell in EMEA.
‘One of the fundamental reasons for us leaping over Dell is the channel. It offers better coverage, more choice and greater closeness with customers.’ Around 90 per cent of HP’s product revenue in EMEA is through the channel, he added.

Rorsted denied suggestions that the company was looking to slim down its partner portfolio. ‘We are simply looking for a partner portfolio that is financially sustainable, built around competence and financial stability. We want to reward companies that are building competence into their business models. We’re not driving consolidation for the sake of it.’
‘Since 1998, industry analysts have predicted the death of the channel, but the channel has not gone away. But then it’s not a black and white world, it’s a grey world,’ concluded Rorsted.


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