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1 April 2005

Year founded? 
2000. The time has flown by and it seems just like yesterday.

<p>How many full time staff?
Best business decision? 
To set up Sabeo Technologies with John Long, Emer Mullen and Ned McQuaid when we realised that there was a niche in the marketplace for an independent professional services company staffed by very experienced professional people.
Greatest regret?  
Not having established Sabeo Technologies earlier.

Time management tip 
Use your mobile phone as a reminder for appointments.
Which certification is most important to solution providers this year? 
As the only indigenous Elite Certified VERITAS partner in Ireland, I am probably biased in saying that this is the most important certification.  As a general rule however, I am happy to see that companies such as VERITAS, Microsoft and Oracle are now ensuring that strict rules apply to certification.  It raises the bar for the solution providers to attain certification and in the long run the customer is the main beneficiary.
What items to do you take everywhere? 
I would say my wallet but my friends and colleagues argue that I never seem to have it with me when it comes to paying the meal or drinks bill!
Which emerging technology holds the greatest promise?
A technology that has been around for a while but which is now beginning to have a major impact today is ATA disk technology. This has enabled large amounts of highly reliable storage to be available at very cheap prices. This means that for high speed backup and recovery, organisations can now consider backing up to ATA disk before backing to tape.
Pet hate?
People who take themselves too seriously. Mean people.
Your most popular vendor with customers right now? 
I wouldn’t like to fall out with any of our vendors by suggesting one is more popular than the other. Therefore, I think HP, Sun, VERITAS, Oracle and StorageTek are very popular vendors with all of our
Your preferred distributor of choice at the moment & why?
From the very day that we started, both Clarity and CMS Peripherals have been our main distributors. They have both given us a tremendous level of support. Any issues that we may have had with
both have been addressed quickly and professionally. Both organisations have increased their levels of technical knowledge in order to adapt to the current competitive marketplace and to add value to the products that they distribute. 
How do you relax?
I love all sports. I am a very enthusiastic but moderate golfer. I watch most of my daughter’s camogie matches but I am not sure if that is relaxing! I also don’t need too much encouragement to go for a pint.
Greatest extravagance? 
I am a sucker when I go into a golf shop. I am very easy to convince that a new driver/fairway wood/set of irons will improve my game and I buy them.
Fantasy job?
Like the guy in the Carlsberg advert. I would love to travel the world testing out exotic locations on behalf of my multi-national employer for the next Christmas party.





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