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People skills central to recovery as end in sight for pandemic restrictions



1 September 2021 | 0

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The announcement of offices reopening from the end of this month is a welcome relief, but many businesses are still suffering from the financial hangover of the lockdowns.

For most companies, staffing makes up a considerable chunk of the annual budget. While this is a necessary expense, a significant number of businesses find that they are losing money due to poor management of staffing – losses which they can ill afford in 2021.  Staffing poses a common conundrum for business – over-staffing can cause a company to hemorrhage money, however, under-staffing can lead to lost customers. For a growing number of brands, the answer comes in the form of technology such as the Booksy scheduling software. 




People power

Primarily an appointment scheduling app, Booksy has some fantastic features to help brands to better manage their business, including their employees; thereby cutting down on cash wasted through staffing issues. Some of these features are: 

Appointment management

Booksy’s app allows customers to easily make, amend and cancel appointments which makes management of businesses like salons much easier. Powered by AI, the app also more effectively manages appointments to optimise time and space by reducing excessive gaps between appointments.  


Booksy’s Waitlist feature is invaluable for business owners looking to cut down on paid employees hanging around without any work to do. The feature allows business owners to quickly fill slots when customers cancel and, as an added bonus, the software allows for the programming of cancellation policies and fees. 

Team management

Like having an extra member of staff, Booksy’s team management features include tools to help owners keep track of staffing, including: 

  • Calendar management
  • Staff availability management
  • Holiday management
  • Shift management
  • Salary and commission

These team management tools can be used for either single businesses or those with multiple locations, to help business owners to keep their schedules straight and minimise wasted employee hours – and therefore cold, hard cash.

A great reception

Booksy’s affordable and easy to use appointment scheduling app means that businesses no longer need to employ reception staff to take customer calls.  This can result in significant savings for businesses as well as providing a more convenient service for customers. Similarly, Booksy can also be set up to respond to customer queries so that only key members of staff are needed at any given time. 


Booksy has some really useful marketing tools which help to cut down on the number of employee hours spent on this vital but time-consuming activity. These include email outreach, flyers and social media. 


In 2021, businesses need to save money wherever possible and, staffing is a great place to start. Using Booksy’s intelligent software can lead to real savings for businesses, allowing them to focus on development, growth and exceptional customer service. 

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