Host in Ireland founder Connolly reflects on inaugural year and prepares for the future

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15 January 2015 | 0

Host in Ireland has come a long way since its launch in the second quarter of 2014. 2015 signifies another year where we look to improve Ireland’s digital hosting proposition. With a strong conviction to our message of the 5 Ps (Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes and Power), Host in Ireland is continuing its forward momentum as we market Ireland as an optimum place to host digital assets.

Collaboration is at the core of our initiative. Without the support and input from our partners, supporters, and friends we would not have been able to make such extraordinary progress. We look to them again in 2015 to establish a strategic position within the industry. As we reminisce on the year past, we look forward to the future of our initiative with great anticipation.


Among the year’s activities was our event, “From Electrons to Neurons, Why Hosting Matters to Ireland”. Our keynote and honoured guest, Minister of European Affairs and Data Protection, Dara Murphy, educated attendees on the job and economic multiplier effect that data centres and digital hosting companies create for Ireland. Joined by partners from Citaldel100, Comsys, DataPlex, Hibernia Networks, Sea Fibre, Viatel, Zayo Group, INEX, Interxion, Digital Realty, IDA Ireland, TelecityGroup, and iMiller Public Relations, Host in Ireland shared key insights and information based on the results of extensive research and a multitude of surveys conducted within the digital hosting industry.

“Host in Ireland continues to educate the global industry on the strategic advantages that Ireland has to offer through in-depth research and independent analysis. I am honoured to collaborate with fellow industry leaders to further this mission and communicate the message that Ireland is a highly attractive location for hosting digital assets,” said Maurice Mortell, vice president Emerging Markets, TelecityGroup; partner of Host in Ireland.

“Host in Ireland continues to educate the global industry on the strategic advantages that Ireland has to offer through in-depth research and independent analysis”

To further the initiative in the coming year, Host in Ireland has recently formed a strategic Advisory Council consisting of three key executives, including Ilissa Miller, CEO, iMiller Public Relations; Margaret Molloy, Global CMO, Siegel+Gale; and Nicola Hayes, CEO, Andrasta Consulting UK. The Advisory Council is specifically designed to help Host in Ireland meet significant goals in the coming year through extensive expertise in the data centre/digital hosting industries. Assisting in the cultivation of key messaging strategies, growth of members and global awareness, the Host in Ireland Advisory Council is positioned to propel our brand forward with progressive ideas and unique perspectives.

The future for Host in Ireland is bright. We are especially looking forward to the announcement of our Executive Committee in 2015. The Executive Committee will bring together the top leaders in the industry with one common goal in mind — expand the Irish hosting market. Ireland offers companies some of the best benefits and opportunities available for hosting in the European region, and the Host in Ireland community is working together to spread this message.



Garry Connolly is president and founder of Host in Ireland.


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