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18 July 2005 | 0

The most prevalent virus recorded in June 2005 was Zafi.D which was responsible for 16.31% of all infections. Variants of the Mytob worm were collectively responsible for over 30% of virus infections. The Mytob worm allows infected machines to be controlled by remote users for criminal purposes such as sending out millions of spam emails or launching denial of service attacks. Netsky.P remains a stubborn threat to email users, causing 13.11% of new infections last month, even though it has been in circulation since March 2004.





The overall infection rate rose 8% in June to 15.71%, the highest yet seen this year. Rather than new viruses coming out, IE Internet suggests that older viruses are contributing to these rates, as the prevalence of Netsky.P confirms.


IE Internet’s statistics further revealed that spam accounted for over 1 in four emails delivered to Irish businesses last month. The rise in spam is linked to the proliferation of mass-mailing worms such as Netsky.P and Mytob.DJ. The United States remains the largest producer of Spam world-wide and was responsible for 57.66% of all spam emails delivered in June. Meanwhile, Australia replaced Brazil in fifth place behind China, with 4.22% of spam emails delivered last month believed to have originated in Australia.

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