High demand for tech workers sees employers struggle to fill roles

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Python and SQL are the most popular coding languages among jobseekers, says Indeed



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16 September 2019 | 0

Demand for tech talent remains high, according to research carried out by Indeed’s new tech hiring platform, Seen. Tech roles account for 12% of the listings on Indeed, but only 4% of clicks by Irish users are on tech related jobs. Further, 25% of clicks on tech jobs in Ireland come from abroad.

Searches for specific coding languages remain strong, research found, with Python and SQL being the most popular among Irish jobseekers. Jobs using C_sharp, Javascript, Php are also in high demand.

Most tech jobs posted on the site were based in Dublin, at 63%, followed by Cork (12%) and Galway (5%). It found that 5% of jobs posted had no set location, perhaps indicating a rise in flexible and remote work.




Despite high demand, tech workers still find themselves frustrated with the traditional job search process as it lacks transparency and relies too heavily on resumes and job descriptions alone. In response, Indeed established Seen to better match tech job seekers and employers. The tech hiring platform combines advanced matching technology with career resources to help tech talent find relevant job opportunities. On Seen, tech job seekers share a holistic view of who they are and what they are looking for. Using this information, Seen matches them with job opportunities that align with their skills, interests, and work preferences

Shawn Bose, general manager of Seen by Indeed, said: “Today, every company is a technology company and in Ireland many of the employers hiring the most tech-related roles are financial and accountancy ones as well as more traditional tech companies. 

“This demand has created a squeeze for tech talent and the challenge for employers is how to attract them. We know salary is the most important motivation, but workers also want to identify and connect with companies whose job opportunities will be the right next step in their career, and whose cultures will enable them to thrive.”

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