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HEAnet rolls out eduroam Wi-Fi for students

Almost 500 sites around the country get connected
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15 December 2022

HEAnet has announced the successful rollout of eduroam Wi-Fi roaming to students in 492 new locations across the country.

The new eduroam Wi-Fi locations were introduced as part of the Eduroam Everywhere initiative, which aims to enable eduroam at as many locations as possible beyond the campus walls to other locations that are easily accessible to students.

The Eduroam Everywhere initiative is pioneered by HEAnet in close cooperation with government departments and local authorities across the country. The new 492 locations bring the total number of eduroam locations to over 500 across the country, including universities, institutes of technology, libraries, community centres, town centres, transport services, retail outlets, sporting, and conference venues.




Eduroam is a Wi-Fi service which enables students, researchers, and staff from participating higher education institutions to securely access the internet at their college/university and whilst visiting other participating institutions. Wider access to eduroam Wi-Fi allows many more students to connect to safe, reliable Wi-Fi close to their home or place of study. Eduroam helps students to continue learning on the go and is already widely used by students across the country, with over 500,000 successful eduroam authentications completed in the last 12 months at the new eduroam locations.

Minister Simon Harris for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science said: “The rollout of eduroam is a great example of an initiative aimed at reducing the digital divide through technology. Many of the new locations include areas where broadband access is a major challenge for students, and so I would like to thank HEAnet for their continued work in tackling this challenge.

“HEAnet has now successfully completed a rollout of eduroam Wi-Fi to 490 new locations across the country, meaning now many more students now have access to safe, reliable Wi-Fi close to their home or place of study.”

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