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Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse (Image: Microsoft)

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26 August 2019 | 0

The Microsoft IntelliMouse range has been a stalwart in the inventory for more than two decades. They have generally been high quality and distinctive, a kind of reference design.

The latest version, the Pro IntelliMouse is a wired, USB2.0 speed, ergonomically crafted, 5-button mouse aimed at gamers or high precision users. Fully optical, it works on almost any surface.

The accuracy comes form a DPI range up to 16,000, with tracking specs of up to 10,160 mm (400”) per second, and the PixArt PAW3389PRO-MS standard.




In use, it fits a broad range of hands, of the right variety, but what really strikes one about the device is how light it is, just 140g. When combined with the Teflon-like pads underneath, the device slides about quite readily and takes a little getting used to. However, once accustomed to it the action is rewarding, as is the customisable light for the optical sensor. Blue, red or white are available, under the fully Windows 10 compatible customisation menu.

While €60 is quite expensive for a mouse, the braided cable and general build quality means that this mouse may last longer than your average laptop.

The Pro IntelliMouse is available direct from Microsoft for €59.99.


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