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11 May 2018 | 0

The Handshake Mouse by BakkerElkhuizen is a bit of an oddity.

Since the mouse was first conceived by Douglas Engelbart all the way back in 1964, the basic configuration of a hand sized body that fits beneath the palm with some sort of buttons has persisted doggedly.

It has led to changes in language and computer usage, not to mention contributing to a new work place malady: carpal tunnel syndrome.

Now, BakkerElkhuizen, a Dutch company that specialises in work place solutions, has taken the mouse and turned it on its head, or rather its side.

Ergonomically shaped to accommodate a more natural posture for your hand, the Handshake mouse fits in the hand as it would extended for a, well, handshake.

This posture is more comfortable, say the makers, which means there is much less muscle activity in the lower arm, compared with using a standard mouse.

The device features the usual buttons and scroll wheel, and, according to the maker, using the mouse correctly reduces muscle tension, reducing the symptoms and causes of RSI within the work place, and is designed for small and medium-sized hands.

In use, it feels quite natural and after a few moments, one no longer notices that the hand is turned through 90 degrees. The reviewed device was the wired version, but wireless variants are also available. Build quality is good and the finish is decent for an interface device.

If you find you are experiencing issues with a more traditional desk rodent, give it a try. It is available direct for €70.



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