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2 July 2018

Minister of State for Training, Skills, Innovation, Research & Development John Halligan today published a consultation document for Ireland’s Space Strategy for Enterprise.

The document seeks input on issues to be considered in the development of Ireland’s Space Strategy for Enterprise.

In recognising the expanding global space sector, Enterprise 2025, Ireland’s National Enterprise Policy, identified the space sector as a new area of economic opportunity.

The Dept of Business, Enterprise & Innovation and Enterprise Ireland are currently developing a strategy with the key objective, to develop a strong and sustainable space industry in Ireland and to optimise and grow the economic return from Ireland’s investment in space. The current strategy is based on its membership of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Union space programmes, Copernicus, Galileo and Horizon 2020.

Minister Halligan said: “On foot of the expanding space sector, the time is now ripe for Ireland to develop a Space Strategy for Enterprise. The strategy will set out how Ireland can maximise the benefit of its investment in space for industry, researchers, citizens and the wider economy. The consultation process will inform the final strategy and help determine what actions the Government can take to develop a strong and sustainable sector in Ireland.

“Companies involved in the space sector in Ireland increasingly come from a broad range of disciplines and include companies without a conventional space background.

“A growing number of Irish companies, including SMEs and start-up companies, are winning contracts with the European Space Agency.”

The global space sector has been undergoing a major change, with largely Government-driven projects being supplanted by increased participation by private industry, often referred to as NewSpace.

This trend is being driven by several factors, such as the increasing demand for communication services, location information and space-derived data. New Space has opened up opportunities for private enterprises, research centres and entrepreneurs working in many sectors not traditionally associated with space, such as data analytics, software, data systems and advanced materials as well as the more obvious sectors, including electronics, opto-electronics, telecommunications geo-science and astrophysics.

Stakeholders can access the consultation document at: and are requested to submit their response by 27 August 2018 to

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