Government gives green light to CERN application

Membership would open up new frontiers in research, jobs
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15 November 2023

The cabinet has approved an application by The Institute of Physics (IoP) for membership of the CERN international research project. The IoP has long argued for Ireland to become an associate member, enabling researchers to contribute to international projects and enable its citizens to benefit from training opportunities, job creation and investment.

The news comes as Ireland celebrates Science Week, a festival celebrting science, technology, engineering and maths.

Tom Grinyer, chief executive, IoP group, said: “This is a worthy way to celebrate Science Week as it could ensure present and future generations of Irish researchers new opportunities. Ireland has a strong record in investment in research and innovation infrastructure and this further investment will secure access to a world-leading institution and associated infrastructure.




“The IoP and the broader physics community stands ready to support the final stage of the process with Ireland’s associate membership application and we look forward to playing a key role in the project.”

CERN’s field of research is particle physics, it is a massive civil engineering project and one of the world’s largest big-data projects, producing spin-off benefits in areas such as medical physics.

Dr Dermot Green, chair of the IoP Ireland Committee, said: “CERN is the premier scientific laboratory in the world, and a shining example of successful international collaboration. This is the next big step forward towards Ireland’s CERN membership, coming after years of sustained campaigning by the IoP, the CERN-Ireland Users Group and interested academics.

“This support will return to Ireland in the form of training, research opportunities and the contracts for Irish businesses and strengthen its ability to attract international talent.”

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