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Google to release Glass in US tomorrow, for one day

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14 April 2014

Google is making Glass available in to US customers for one day only. The headset, which has proven divisive between technology enthusiasts and the general public, will go on sale on 15 April $1,500.

Google Glass features will include access to Internet and GPS, video recording, a built-in camera, as well as voice and touch command.

Debate remains open as to how Glass can be integrated in one’s daily life with opinions ranging from the enthusiastic to the resentful. In San Francisco, Glass beta tester (or ‘exploer’) and journalist Kyle Russel was attacked by a thief who grabbed stole the Glass and smashed the device on the ground.

Only US citizens over the age of 18 can buy Glass, on April 15, from 8am until the end of the day for a wallet-busting $1,500.  Other countries have expressed their anger over the restriction of availability of the product to US citizens only, as per Google+ commenter, Christian Bohn, featured in the Australian edition of  International Business Times who wrote: “Not Norway? No other countries…your loss!”

It’s unlikely the on-day release will do more than appease affluent tech enthusiasts who have been waiting for their first taste of the iconic piece of wearable tech.

Most Americans will be put off by the four-figure price tag. Glass-related thefts have increased and people are protesting against the Glass wearers, dubbed ‘Glassholes’.

Other criticism about the release centre on the quality of the product. The battery tops out at just 24 hours, and some wearers have complained about discomfort from wearing them over long periods.

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