Google plans to make it easier to clear your search history

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While you can clear your local search history, you can't clear the search history Google has stored on its servers



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26 October 2018 | 0

Google is planning to make it easier to remove your search data by allowing you to look at and delete your recent search history within Google search. Previously security settings for Google were, shall we say, difficult to find – buried deep in the settings.

This is a trend Google plans on turning around, as these settings will be easy to find and understand, with the goal of showing Google users they are in more control of their account than they might have realised.

There has been a host of privacy centric updates from large corporations such as Google and Facebook recently, no doubt in part of the backlash that Facebook is still receiving after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The wider internet-using public has become far more privacy aware over the past year, which is a hugely positive step and should hopefully lead towards a more secure online future for all of us.


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