Google Glass by Diane Von Furstenberg

Google goes high fashion with latest Glass

Google' latest Explorer version of Glass will be available with frames designed by Diane Von Furstenberg. Image: PCWorld

4 June 2014

Pairing Google Glass with a pair of fashion-design frames is like tossing an expensive diamond bracelet onto the horn of a unicorn: It makes the unicorn much more classy, but it doesn’t make the unicorn any more real.

Yet Google continues to look for ways to give its prototype face computer more mainstream appeal – an effort now extending to style-conscious women. On Tuesday, Google announced that the Explorer version of Glass will be available with frames from Diane Von Furstenberg in the US from 23 June.

The collection, DVF | Made for Glass, is geared only toward women, and includes five new frames and eight new sunshades with names like Aviator Graphite Flash, Navigator Orchid Mist Flash, and Shiny Elderberry.

And rarefied, indeed. Glass already costs $1,500, but the DVF prescription-ready frames bump up the price to $1,725. The sunglass shades, meanwhile, are a relative steal at $1,620.

But perhaps Google has reached just a bit too high with this partnership? Can mainstream Americans actually see themselves in Diane’s (pronounced ‘Dee-AHN’) take on geek chic?

You can watch Von Furstenberg’s introduction to the Glass collection here.


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