Felix Straus, Swan Colective and Bianca Kennedy

Goethe-Institut artist-in-residence programme focuses on emerging quantum technologies

International artists take up residence in Dublin, Berlin, San Francisco, Lagos
Felix Straus, Swan Colective and Bianca Kennedy

31 October 2023

The Goethe-Institut in partnership with Trinity College Dublin, Connect, Trinity Quantum Alliance, Project Arts Centre, and The Douglas Hyde Gallery have launched an artist residency and programme of events designed to explore the future impact of quantum technologies.

Studio Quantum features four two-month pilot residencies, two of which will be based in Dublin.

Artists were nominated for the pilot phase of Studio Quantum by a group of experts based in Dublin, San Francisco, Lagos and Berlin, and selected by an international jury.




The successful applicants include Berlin-based kennedy+swan, which comprises the work of the two artists Bianca Kennedy and Swan Collective. Kennedy+swan explore the future of evolution and its impact on plants, animals, and humans. During their time in Dublin, the artists plan to develop a virtual reality experience that revolves around AI, quantum and healthcare.

Also participating are Nigerian creative technologist and extended reality developer Ìfẹ́olúwa Ọ̀ṣúnkọ́yà; Irish-Swedish artist, curator and music composer Edy Fung; and contemporary artist and futurist Amy Karle from the US.

Director of the Goethe-Institut Irland Ulrike Gasser said: “Studio Quantum builds on the success of the institute’s Living in a Quantum State initiative, which, through events in Dublin, Berlin, London and Beijing, engaged audiences in conversations around the future impact of quantum technologies. 

“With Studio Quantum, we are now expanding these conversations and connections within our global network. The multidisciplinary programme serves as a bridge, connecting artists and audiences with longstanding partners in technology, culture, science, and education. It fosters an open and dynamic dialogue at the intersection of quantum technologies and the arts.”

Provost of Trinity College Dublin, Dr Linda Doyle, who was a member of the jury who selected the artists for the 2023 Studio Quantum residencies, and who was previously Professor of Engineering & the Arts in Trinity, said: “Quantum technologies have the potential to be hugely transformative, particularly when the interplay with AI is factored in.

“It is really important that these powerful technologies are explored by artists, who frequently introduce a strong human-centric dimension. The role of the artist is more than simply mediating the technology, but actually interrogating it. I am looking forward to seeing how the Studio Quantum artists achieve this.”

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