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24 June 2005 | 0


The Gigaset M34 USB is a small data adapter for Internet telephony via Gigaset telephone systems. It will pass telephone signals from the Internet to your Gigaset S645, Gigaset S440.445 or Sigaset C340/345.

It works really well after the set-up which can be a little tricky. Your contacts and their status will show up on the phone – a great feature. You can see which one of your friends is on and when. 




The M34 USB solves that Madonna headset hell of being tied to your PC while talking over the net. The freedom is the best feature. 

The hardware only works with the version of Skype provided so do not use the version that is downloadable on the Skype website. The M34 also come with a Skype voucher for 120 minutes of free Internet telephony.

With Skype Out, you can make all calls, not just free computer-to-computer calls.  Skype Out provides good value in relation to landlines world wide, but when it comes to mobiles, the cost raises considerably.

The customisable PC application remote control is excellent. We had it quickly set-up to open and control Windows Media Player allowing us to skip those embarrassing Brittany Spears songs without the mad dash to the PC.

The product is not really suitable for anyone without ‘always on’ broadband as using a dial-up connection make calls seems redundant. The product is also not Mac compatible.

You can send and receive SMS from/to the Gigaset handset via basestation and PC. You can also receive Internet alerts (e.g. stock market, sports scores) and avail of Instant Messaging.


Price: TBC

Contact: Phone retailers nationwide

Verdict 8/10


The Gigaset M34 USB gives you more physical freedom when talking over the Internet which makes it a good buy. Perfect for a Skype user working off a broadband Internet connection.



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