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29 August 2018 | 0

When you are looking to find the right HR tech for your company, it’s helpful to have a guide. Here are a few tips we have prepared to help you in your search.

  1. Establish your HR business requirements
    The very first step you should take is to conduct an internal investigation and identify the current problems with your HR process. Is it automated? What software do you use? Is it up to date? Could it be faster? Could it be cheaper?With those examined, you should have a good grasp of where your HR process stands currently. Now you need to look at the business and what it needs. Do you need absence management? Could workload be cut down by using a cloud-based system? Is the payroll automated? How do you track your employees? Etc.

    All of these are good questions to have. You should examine your current HR structure and then move on to identify where you can improve.

  1. Is it easy to use?
    When identifying software or hardware to install on your business and improve your HR departments management, you need to make sure that it is easy to use or understandable with minimal training. A complex system may seem great at first glance but taking additional time to train employees and having excesses of data that you will never use is going to confuse the process.Your HR management software needs to be reliable and easy to use. You should be able to hand it to your management, and they should be able to do precisely what they need to do with one piece of software be that monitor holiday entitlement, absenteeism, clocking in and out, rota shifts or schedule the payroll without too much hassle.

    Choosing HR management software that is easy to use means that there will be less time wasted on training and a reduced chance of costly errors in the HR team.

  1. How much will it cost?
    This one is another concern to keep in mind. The price tag is not necessarily an indication of quality nor suitability. You should review your requirements against any HR software you intend to purchase and see whether or not they are suitable for your business.There is HR management software explicitly designed to help small businesses who will not need advanced features or the capacity for several hundred workers on the system at any given time.

    Likewise, there is also an HR management software that is designed for and capable of handling heavy duty workloads and hundreds of thousands of employees at a time.

    Choosing the correct one for your business is essential.

  1. Can my employees use it?
    One of the other things to take into consideration is whether or not you want your employees to be able to log into the HR management software.The benefits of software that allow this are enabling your employees to feel empowered by their ability to directly request holiday time, sick leave, shift swaps and so on without needing to speak to a manager in person directly. This avoids any potential conflicts, and with the right software, managers can authorise or deny applications on the go from mobile or at home on desktop smoothing out the HR process.
  1. Will it benefit my business?
    The last question to consider and arguably the most important one. Will HR technology benefit my business?This is a subjective question. In broad terms, through automation, HR technology can streamline the HR process and allow for improvements to be made, the efficiency of workers to be raised and help to cut out a significant chunk of paperwork and HR time that would otherwise be wasted.

There are no real downsides to taking on HR technology and software for HR management, so, it is worth investigating to save your business some money.


Pierce Ivory is the marketing director with Advance Systems


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