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1 April 2005 | 0

The OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Gateway from 3Com enables businesses to share existing broadband connections for Internet access. By connecting to a cable or DSL modem, multiple users within a small business can get simultaneous Internet access.

The gateway connects to an existing cable or DSL modem via an Ethernet cable, and contains an integrated switch with four Ethernet/Fast Ethernet local area network (LAN) ports. It detects the Ethernet cable type being used and adapts to make the proper connection. Users can connect directly through these ports, or any port can be used to connect to the existing office Ethernet LAN. The gateway allows users to share files and access information quickly, and connecting the OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Gateway to the existing LAN increases the number of users who can benefit from the shared access to 253.

The gateway offers security through a firewall, enabling small businesses to block hacker attacks. Specifically, it can protect against Denial of Service attacks. In addition, the gateway enables the secure encrypted traffic of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to pass-through for remote office and remote access applications.




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