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Gamma Location Intelligence to launch risk assessment platform in the UK

Company has agreed to deliver European flood data via Perilfinder platform
Feargal O'Neill, CEO, Gamma Location Intelligence

1 November 2019

Ireland’s leading intelligence services provider, Gamma, is launching its Perilfinder software platform in the UK. The company anticipates that this will generate €3 million in new export revenue over the next three years.

As part of the expansion, Gamma will hire 15 additional staff members and open an office in Manchester in 2020.

As well as providing companies with location-based insights, Gamma offers cloud-hosted spatial solutions and consulting and data services. Its offerings include tools to find the best new store location or to quickly capture addresses on a website.




Over the next two years, the Dublin-based company will invest €1 million on further developing its technology. It also has plans to partner with JBA Risk Management to deliver a European flood data through its Perilfinder platform.

Perilfinder is a risk assessment and accumulations reporting tool delivered as a SaaS solution. It includes integrated environmental risk models for flood, subsidence, crime and fire.

With Perilfinder, insurance companies can reduce their risk portfolio by better managing their accumulation of policies. Further, they can make more informed decisions around location risk and see lower operational costs.

“Over the past two years, we have enjoyed sustained business growth,” said Feargal O’Neill, CEO, Gamma Location Intelligence. “Perilfinder has played a pivotal role in this. We hope to continue its success in Ireland whilst capitalising on the vast opportunities in international markets.

According to Gamma, the success of Perilfinder has helped the company to double its recurring revenue since 2017.

“Our aim is to provide game-changing insights to insurance companies and underwriters across the UK and further afield which enable them to make better decisions around location risk,” O’Neill continued. “By visualising high-quality data and collating it with other sources of information, we can help to support their business and operational objectives.”

“As global leaders in flood risk management, we’re delighted to be contributing to Gamma’s world-class Perilfinder insurance platform.” Simon Waller, managing director, JBA Risk Management, said: “At JBA, we’re passionate about making leading science useable. Perilfinder enables just that – providing insurers easy access to our market leading European flood risk intelligence.”

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